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Warzone 2100 Maps A-F
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Map Name Author Size # of Players Design Playability Overall
Aftermath MicroEvil 96x96 2 7 7 6.5
Aftermath is a decent 2 player map.  Each player begins in an equal spot in the map.  This map offers enough oil for a quick rush game but not enough for much building.  I enjoy the layout and feel of this map but it has a few issues with units trying to climb walls that are too tall for them to pass.  All in all this map is pretty strong compared to most two player maps thus far and is fun for a few quick games.
AllEqual Predator 96x96 4 5 5 4.5
All equal is a small  four player map with little elevation change and very few oil resources.  The starting bases are built up mesas with two exits to the battlefield which makes for a nice defensive stand if things turn against you.  There is not much oil on this map which makes it too hard to play a long build game and with 4 players this close together it is risky to rush out with your forces as attacks may come from other directions.  This map had some promise but lack of resources and size limit it enjoy ability. 
 BigDipper Iso 80x80 2 8 8 7
Big Dipper is a two player map in a medium sized desert map.  This map starts with each player in an opposite corner.  The bases seem to be fair and one is sunken while the other is raised but seem to be very similar.  This map plays very well, it has many height changes and twists which make the map seem much larger.  I found no places where units got stuck and there is not a lot of oil but plenty for a medium length game.  All in all this is one of my favorite maps and I would highly recommend you try it out.
Canyon Shane Street 50x110 2 6 6 5
Canyon is a two player map in a desert setting.  This map has a lot of little hills spread out over the entire map.  There is a nice supply of oil spread around on this map and it seems to be fairly spread on each side.  The bases on this map are not exacly the same but are close enough not to worry about.  It plays plenty large that you can play a medium length game, and it seems very fair.  I liked this map and noticed no spots where units got stuck or confused and the only design flaw I found was in the gateways where the AI builds defenses across one opening in their base which wasn't a huge deal because there are two entrances.
Castle TMuenzer 110x80 4 7 5 6
Castle is a four player map in a desert setting.  This map seems to be fairly similar on all four sides and the only real advantage may be in the upper right hand corner which has a little easier access to more of the oil in the center of the map.  This map has a nice supply of oil and seems to be fairly easy to navigate.  The main problem that I have with this map is that it is covered with a texture that slows down hover vehicles and makes whatever manuverability advantage they typically have.  Overall I feel that this map is a lot of fun and is set up fairly well, and if the ground cover was easier to travel over this would have been one of my favorites.
Crossfire Tim Wells 200x200 4 7 7 7
Crossfire is a decent map.  This is a large 4 player map with plenty of oil to play a long build time game.  This map is basically four large, flat, and equal corner squares separated by a small climbable hill between each.  This map also features a small center square with a nice "WZ" suckup.  I suppose this is so you don't forget what game your playing?  Anyway, this is a boring yet functional map that has at least one fan right here.  I feel that this is a great map to play build games on and is one of my favorite maps thus far. 
No Pic
Deserted PyroManiac3000 64x64 4 3 3 3
Deserted is 4 player map which is basically four base islands and 5 oil islands that nothing else can be built on.  The map is way too small for 2 players, let alone 4 and the only use that this map may serve is for 2 players in a quick rush game.  The only positive aspect to this map is that it doesn't have any places where your units can get stuck, the reason for that is that there are no elevation changes.  In conclusion This map doesn't offer much.
DesertStorm Manic Sniper 200x200 8 6 7 7
Desert storm is a large eight player map in a desert setting.  This map has a decent supply of oil, some of which cannot be defended due to the surrounding textures.  I enjoyed the layout of this map and felt that although there are a few places where units get confused, this map played very well.  The starting positions on this map seem to be fairly equal and I saw no obvious advantages with any of the starting positions.  The only problem that I had was that with this large of a map it really seemed to tale units too long to respond to commands and the game slowed down a little bit.  Overall I enjoyed this map and will keep this map on my list.
DesertFox Manic Sniper 120x120 4 3 2 1
Desert Fox is a large four player map in a desert setting.  To be honest I didn't finish this entire game and did not see the entire map up close.  From the picture it appears that the bases are not equal and it looks like there is a fairly large advantage in the lower right corner.  There is not a lot of oil provided in this map and whatever oil you have is not very easy to defend.  The center of this map is almost imposible to travel across without babysitting your units.  This map seems like it wasnt played much because after I took twenty minutes to guide my units through th hills to attack the enemy I simply grew tired and gave up.  Maybe next time these problems will get ironed out.
Desolation PyroManiac3000 128x64 4 5 3 3
Desolation is a small four player map.  This map has four similar bases and one base that is basically useless.  This map seems to be a little bit clunky and units seem to get a little bit confused on what the best path to a particular point may be.  There is a decent supply of oil on this map and after the fourth player is wiped off the map this could be a fun map.  I enjoyed this map for a quick rush game and if it werent for the confusion by the units this could have been a decent three player map.
DykesByFr6 LAOUREUX 200x200 4 5 4 3
Dykes is a large for player map in a desert setting.  This map is symetrical with the bases being in each corner.  There is very little oil on this map and again the texture is brush which really slows down hover tanks.  The bases are the same and there doesn't seem to be any advantage in getting to what little oil there is.  All in all this design is not bad but has a few annowing traits that make it below average in my opinion.
FortRush io 64x64 2 5 7 5
Fort Rush is a small two player map in a desert setting.  This map has two equal starting points in the corners except for the lower right base has an oil resource that you can not build a rig on.  There is not very much oil on this map so it is basically only good for rush games as the name suggests.  Besides a few small hills around the center of the map there are no spots where you should get stuck.  I am not a big fan of rush maps but I like the setup and design of this map.
FourFortress Loot 120x250 4 6 2 2
Four fortresses is a four player map in a desert setting.  This map is a symmetrical map with two bases on each side of a large open desert.  The center desert area is basically just a large open bumpy field with a square mountain in the middle that is too tall to be climbed as far as I could tell.  This map had some potential with plenty of oil and a decent design and with a little play testing this map could have been saved. As this map is now it is almost unpalatable as the mountains surrounding each base are a pain to baby-sit your units over and almost all of the buildings and added object came out as blue blobs. I feel that with some refinement this map could have been OK but horrible as is.
Fury Pyromaniac3000 128x128 4 5 4 3.5
Fury is a four player map in an urban setting.  This map is pretty basic, four corners with four even bases at the corners with a fairly flat fighting area in between.  This map has a few oil resources spread around the map with a concentration of oil in the center area which is surrounded by hills.  This map is worth a look but has some real design issues where your units have a hard time crossing the center hills without being slowed considerably.  Also the routing gateways cause the computer to build defenses along one side of their base yet leave the other completely unguarded.  I think with some more time this map could have been worth keeping.
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