Warzone 2100 Maps M-R
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Map Name Author Size # of Players Design Playability Overall
 MadMountain  Manic Sniper 200x200 4 7 7 7
Mad mountain is a large 4 player map that has a mountain setting.  This map has 3 very different sections - a snowy section, a lowlands section, and a delta setting with many little islands.  This is a fun map that plays very well, I haven't found any areas where you are likely to get your units stuck and besides a few oil resources than have nowhere to build defenses it is a pretty well put together map.  I like the changing terrain on this map as well which is  something I haven't seen in any other maps and although the oil on this map is very spread out and hard to defend I enjoyed this map.  I think this map is worth a look.
 MicroValley  MicroEvil 50x100 2 3 5 3
Micro Valley is a small two player map in a mountain setting.  This map is simple and really offers no chance for anything ore than a five minute game as there are only eight oil resources in your starting base and none in the battlefield.  This map has a load of trees and a nice sunken base but really offers little chance of  an interesting game.  This map is not worth investing much time in but if you like rush maps this may be the map for you.
 MysteriousForrest  Tr-Man 50x50 4 0 0 0
Mysterious Forrest is a very small four player map in a mountain map.  This map has a lot of interesting elevation changes and tricky little twists and turns in the terrain.  I like the narrow valleys and tight passages of this map but the bases seem very uneven.  Again I was stuck with the small base and if you dont know exactly where to build your factory its game over for you.  I like this type of map but feel that it is a little too tight in the bases and think that it is a little too small even with this terrain.
 NoLandToBuildOn  Loot 80x80 4 4 5 5
No land to build is a small four player map in a desert setting.  This map has undulating terrain which leaves very little room to build any structures.  This map has a fair ammount of oil and is almost large enough to play a good game.  I like the idea he was going for and will probably keep this map in my list but if you are into long build games this map leaves something to be desired.
 PyrosDesert  PyroMan 64x64 4 5 4 3.5
Pyros Desert is a small four player map in a desert setting.  This map is basically a small flat map with a hill or two here and there.  There is a fair amount of oil spread all around this map.  This map doesn't seem to have any areas where you can get stuck but I did notice that there are a few areas where your units become confused on what path to take, I don't know that this is a design issue but it is a game play issue.  I would say that this map is simple and small but might be fun for a quick rush game or two but that's about it.
 RiverCanyonB  Divine Avenger 72x72 4 6 7 7
River Canyon is a 4 player map with many elevation changes and absolutely no symmetry.  This is a small map for 4 players and all of the bases start in a totally different area with one obvious advantage which would be the lower right hand base.  This is a very different and fun map.  There is not a lot of oil on this map and it is way too small for four players but I still really enjoyed this map.  The most interesting thing about this map is that the terrain is so uneven and still looks good and plays well with one very frustrating area at the bridge in the lower right hand corner.  In conclusion, not great but very interesting.