Warzone 2100 Maps S - Z
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Map Name Author Size # of Players Design Playability Overall
 SantasGrotto  Manic Sniper 64x64 4 3 5 3
Santas Grotto is a small four player map in a high mountain setting.  This map is a lot different than any other map I have yet seen. The starting positions are small and undulating and cannot support much of a base.   It has a fair amount of oil spread around and there are not many flat areas where a secure base can be built.  This map also had a few oil resources that cannot be built on.  This is an ok map that was fun to play once but will probably be removed from my list never to return.  
 SunnyBeaches  Tim Wells 64x200 2 4 3 3
Sunny beaches is a fairly large two player map in a desert setting.  This map is basically two beaches on either end of a large sea.  This map begins with a large oil pool that will fill all of your generators without searching for oil as well as a healthy supply of oil drums.  This map has some potential but the edges of the map allow tracked units to slide past the water on a steep hill to bypass the need for hover or VTOL propulsion.  Units also appear to become confused and hard to control at the beach head.  This map is ok and could have been fun if not for the technical difficulties.
 Wasteland  Titan-IK 176x176 8 3 3 3
Wasteland is a large eight player map in a desert setting.  This Map is not huge but with all of the spikes covering this map it is plenty large for eight players.  The map has a lot of oil scattered around with no substantial single oil pool.  The bases are not the same on this map which wouldn't really be an issue if the raised bases were designed better, however as they are the raised bases are a disadvantage as once you leave, your units cannot return.  The walls are so steep that they cannot easily be climbed.  This map has a some good ideas however the design flaws make it difficult to enjoy.
 WinterRidges  CyberComm_CT 96x128 4 6 7 7
Winter ridges is a four player map in a Mountain setting.  This map is not big but with the many rivers and hills that are here it plays large enough to accommodate 4 players.  There is plenty of oil about to get started but it is so spread out that you wont really be able to play a lengthy build game as fighting over oil begins almost instantly.  I really enjoyed this map and will probably keep on my list to be played again, however there is one huge oversight here.  The map in the lower right corner is a distinct disadvantage. I don't know what number it is but it is far smaller than the rest and cannot contain all necessities.  All in all I think this is a pretty good map and if I wasn't the one in the lower right it could have been an A.
UrbanLand  Brick 64x64 2 3 4 2
Urbanland is another small two player map.  This map is pretty basic with nothing that really stands out much.  There are also a few spots on the map that you will need to baby-sit your units or they will be semi stuck.  There are a few oil resources spread about the map but with such a small field there is no use for this map except for a quick rush game. No Pic