Warzone 2100 Maps G - L
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Map Name Author Size # of Players Design Playability Overall
 GreenPastures  Manic Sniper 80x80 4 2 3 2
Green Pastures is a small four player map in a mountain setting.  This is a pretty dull map with very little oil and a few design problems.  There is a mountain in the center of this map that units insist on trying to scale.  I feel that this map is too small to and lacks the resources for four players and has a slight advantage to the lower right base as the oil is much closer to that base than others.  This base doesn't offer anything that you couldn't get from a quick five minute design of your own.
 HideNSeek  Manic Sniper 120x120 4 4 5 5
Hide N' Seek is a four player map as far as I can tell.  Contrary to the picture and what was said originally.  Possibly I received an older or newer version of this map?  Anyway this is an interesting map with a good premise and a fair amount of oil.  The map is basically a bunch of spikes that you must zig and zag through while fighting battles which causes you to fight battles where it is hard to simply swarm your opponents.  I think that this map had a few navigation problems where your units are not easily maneuvered.  All in all I would have to say that this is a fun map with a few negative issues but worth looking at.
 InterUrban  UnoBeer 150x150 2 5 8 8
Inter Urban is a large two player map in an urban setting.  This map starts you in one corner with a large amount of oil.  This map is as simple as a map could be with no hills or elevation changes at all and nothing but a huge oil deposit in the center of the map.  I am obviously easily amused because I really enjoy this map and feel that it is great to play a long build game with a simple-best strategy and efficiency wins-ending.  As you can tell I give this map a thumbs up but I have to say zero creativity.
 Islands  Spyle 96x96 4 3 1 2
Islands is a small two player map in a mountain setting.  This map seems to be fairly symmetrical with a fairly large supply of oil.  This map has some serious issues that I have not been able to figure out the cause of.  Some of the oil resources are either too close to the edges to build on or partially buried in the sand and cannot be built.  The other major problem is that my units are completely lost on this map and seem to be unable to decide how to get from here to there.  I think this map has an interesting layout but it is far too slow and "clunky" for me.
KingoftheHill Pyromaneyakk 64x64 4 3 1 2
King of the Hill is a small 4 player map in a desert setting.  This map is fairly symmetrical with a fair amount of oil and equal starting positions with a large hill with a lot of oil in the center.  I am assuming that this is the hill that you would like to be king of assuming you could actually climb it.  Yes I finally did reach the top but it was only possible from one side as far as I could tell.  This map was one of the first released so it is fairly rough on textures and all of the hills are practically unclimbable.  This map is not worth spending any time on .