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WARZONE 2100 The Original Site

This web site is dedicated to the original game of Warzone 2100. Warzone came out in 1999 and has been going strong ever since. Today the game of Warzone 2100 is still being enjoyed by fans old and new. There are several active modding groups working on new and improved versions of Warzone 2100. This site is dedicated to the old school players and is here as a window back into the past. Warzone2100.com was hosted by GameSpy and Strategy Planet for over ten years. Since the demise of GameSpy this site is now hosted by World Force and dedicated to Warzone 2100 fans all over the world. warzone2100.com


Warzone 2100 is a real-time strategy game in a post-apocalyptic setting that was developed by Pumpkin Studios in 1999. It was one of the first real-time strategy games in 3D, and is now the first commercial RTS that was made available under the GPL in December 2004.
"The Collapse came fast and hard. Following a technical error in the satellite defense system nuclear warheads were fired at Washington, Beijing and Moscow. Minutes later ground based sites fired in response to the launch. Millions died as nuclear firestorms wiped out the world's cities. Billions more died as plagues and epidemics swept away what remained of civilization. Less than a million people survived the Collapse. Earth broke into hundreds of small scavenger bands battling each other for the remnants of he former civilization. Only a few had the vision to attempt to rebuild a new world from the ashes."


Revolutionary Unit Design: Warzone 2100 showcases a depth-of -play never seen before in a strategy game. 400 different types of technologies allow you to design more than 2000 battle units. Strategy by Design
Full 3D Battlefields:
Warzone 2100 slams the door on other top-down, 2D strategy games. It showcases a lightning fast, full functional 3D game engine with a rotatable and zoom able camera for fast and furious gaming action
Superior Artificial Intelligence: The sophisticated AI engine allows you to recycle experience from field units into even more fierce war machines. Over time, combat units become more accurate and command units command larger groups of troops.
A new Multiplayer Experience: It's one thing to go head-to-head against your friends (or foes) with static unit choices. It's an altogether different thing to crush them with units you custom design to inflict maximum damage.


Each campaign features a large campaign map and six or more sub-maps. As key objectives are reached on the campaign map, missions are activated on the sub-maps. These missions are very varied from hit-and-run attacks to building structures to hold territory.
Western Desert
Urban Devastion
Rocky Mountain Breakdown
Western Desert
Urban Devastation
Rocky Mnt. Breakdown

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