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Upon entering the game you land from your transport and establish your base. Here you conduct research, design and manufacture vehicles, build new structures and prepare your plans of global conquest. If the game goes badly you'll end up fighting last ditch battles here to defend your base from enemy attacks.

During the game, you will experience stunning cinematic effects, with fully zoomable, rotational camera action, realistic smoke, fire and damage effects and of course, plenty of gratuitous explosions!

Combat is frenetic, with extensive graphical effects and damage to the terrain and buildings giving rise to flying shrapnel and boulders. Within the game are many different structures and vehicles. From an initial Command Centre, you then go on to build Resource Extractors to provide fuel for Power Generators, which in turn supply energy to Factories, Research Facilities and weapons emplacements to protect your base.

Research will provide you with upgrades to structures and new technologies for weapons, vehicles, jammers, sensors and propulsion systems for every occasion!

With a simple mix-and-match design system, different vehicle parts can be assembled to produce hundreds of different vehicle configurations. From light combat vehicles fitted with machine guns to heavy tanks carrying massive Howitzers, fast hovercraft for aquatic attacks and VTOLs to provide air support, a different configuration is always possible for the situation in hand.

In later stages, you will be able to build AI equipped Command Units, which will direct other units in battle and designate targets for their attacks. Sensor vehicles will be able to detect enemies before they know you are coming, and jammers will be able to reduce the enemy's ability to track your units.

In the end all of the 3D battle efects show it's toll. Strategy is the only word that can be said about the gameplay of the game. If you want a true strategy game this is the one. With can have atleast over 100 units to create the possibilities are endless.


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