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WARZONE 2100 1.10 GAme Mods

Over the years there have been hundreds of mods made for warzone. Here is a collection of some of the best. Place the wdg file in your Warzone folder. Some mods are not compatible with other mods so it is best to use only one at a time. All of these mods work with version 1.10 of Warzone and may not work with other builds of the game.


Maps, mods, patches and utilities FilePlanet

Version 1.12. Download v112_beta_7-1.zip (Pumpkin-2) Hot

Nuke Mod Download nuke.zip from FilePlanet

Update 5 Download update5.zip from FilePlanet

Scavenger Mod Download scavengermod.zip from FilePlanet

Star Wars Download starwars.zip from FilePlanet

Scav Mod Download scavmod.zip from FilePlanet

Super Ai Download superai1.zip from FilePlanet Hot

Low Weapons Mod Download low-weaponmod1b.zip( Low Clan)

Total Update Download total_update.zip from FilePlanet Hot

AA Rocket Mod Download aarocketmod.zip (Imminent Storm)

Acid Rain Mod Download acidrainmod.zip from FilePlanet

Flame On Mod Download flameon.zip (Hex)

New Ai Mod Download new_a.i._mod.zip from FilePlanet (Bones0)

Research Update Mod Download research_up-date_mod.zip from FilePlanet

Shock Wave Mod Download shockwave.zip from FilePlanet

SprLaser Mod Download sprlaser.zip from FilePlanet

Water AI Mod Download waterai.zip from FilePlanet (Bones0)

The Web map mod Download theweb.zip from FilePlanet

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