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Warzone 2100 Featured Maps  
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Map Name Author Size # of Players Design Date added Overall
Code9 Retalitio n/a 4 5 3/11/03 5
Code9 is 2vs2 map with pre built bases. The elevation of the bases is a little high and units ten to get stuck climbing. Wide open area between the bases for tank combat.Good map for people who like to turtle in their bases. Looks like a fun map for a comp stomp.VS other players units might get jammed up entering and leaving bases.
no picture
Ariza HB 240x240 4 8   8
Ariza is a large four player map in a desert setting.  First off I would like to just say WOW!!  This is an example of what can be done if you really want to make a great map.  Ariza is a map with some very cool custom textures and a great layout.  Your units move well across the map and the textures are well used. There is so much oil on this map that 20 players could play a build game on it and by now you should know that that is a definite thumbs up to me. This map is however a little too big to be a four player map and could have been just as effective at half the size.  Check this map out and prepare to be impressed with the wonderful eye candy!
Battle Vale io 80x80 4 5   5
Battle Vale is a small four player map in a desert setting.  This map is set up with a base in each corner and a lake that is set near the center of the map.  There is nat a lot of oil on this map and there is a small advantage in some bases as oil will be slightly closer and easier to defend.   There is not enough oil on this map to support much of a build game but the layout is nice and seems to be well textured. I didn't notice any areas where units would get stuck and there was only on little routing problem that I found.  All in all this map is fine for a rush game and worth a loot if you enjoy rush maps.
Benexus Email me please   2      
Not yet reviewed
Arctic TMuenzer 140x100 4      
Arctic is a fairly large four player map in a high mountain setting.  This is a well set up map and there is a good supply of oil around.  The bases all seem to be the same but there are a few which are closer to oil than others.  The snowy terrain is a nice change although there are a few hills which seem to be a bit to steep to climb with any speed.  This is a fair map and worth taking a look at.
 Desolation2  NEXUS Dragonfire 96x96 4 5   6
Desolation2 is a medium sized four player map in an urban setting.  This is a very basic map that is flat and simple with a large supply of oil at each base.  There is also a oil pool near the center of the map NEAR being the key word.  For some reason the designer of this map put it closer to the upper left base which could have been easily avoided.  I realize that this is probably due to the way the editor places parts of the map in the unplayable edges but some simple testing would have caught this problem easily.  I enjoy simple maps with a lot of oil which makes this a keeper for me. Definitely worth a look if you enjoy maps that have the ability to sustain a long build time.
No Pic
Divided AP}FirstAid 128x128 4 8   4
Divided is a four player map in a high mountain setting.  This map is divided North to South by a large river and East to West by a mountain range.  This map has a ton of oil and a decent layout.  The only real problem I had with this map is that unit sometimes got confused as to what path to take and also there was a spot where two of the AI forces got trapped which turned into a huge traffic jam of around 50 units total.  This occurs where your units are trying to cross the river and you may want to watch for it.  I really liked the layout and oil but the confused units make this map barely worth a look.
No Pic
 FourTowers  Unobeer 180x180 4 7   3
Four Towers is a large four player map in a desert setting.  This map is big flat and a pain to move around.  This map starts in a huge base that has a lot of oil that is surrounded by a mountain wall.  Unfortunately the walls are almost unclimbable and you must baby-sit your units on the way in and out.  This map is flat besides the walls and there is an oil pool at the center of each side.  I like the idea but very poor design makes this map almost in playable.
High-N-Low MajorWarzone 92x92 4 4 6 3
High N Low is a small four player map in a desert setting.  This map seems to be fairly even from all four bases.  There is very little oil on this map and there is little room to maneuver.  I like the way this map is laid out and it seems to be fairly well designed.  I found no spots where units got stuck and I really enjoyed the way the map has a few maze areas that are well thought out.  This map is fun but the lack of oil really kills this map for me. 
Hunters Troman 200x200 8 6 7 5
Hunters is a large eight player map in a desert setting.  This map is huge and seems to be very symmetrical.  The map is a large maze of valleys cut through the hills and seems to be well designed.  I didn't find any areas where units got stuck and there is a little oil spread all around the map. 
 Inca  Laws215 40x220 2 4 6 3
Inca is a two player map in an urban setting.  This map is long and narrow and has a pretty nice layout.  I like the setup of the bottom base, and if this map were symmetrical or at least the top base and bottom base were similar, this would have been a great map and a lot of fun, however, I feel that the bottom base has a huge advantage over the top base and although I like the map layout this is a major problem.  I didn't notice any areas where units had much trouble which is also a plus.   I like the idea of this map and there is plenty of oil in the center of the map to fight over, but the inequity of the two bases makes this map a loser.  Unfortunately this map is recommended for a glance but probably not worth keeping.
JagPott Mongoking 200x200 8 6 2 2
Jagpot is a large eight player map in a desert setting.  This map is set up well and has a lot of oil available.  The bases are all the same, unfortunately same is bad in this case. Units have a hard time climbing into these bases and a simple texture would have changed this.  There is also a large lake in the center of this map that seems to be just a waste of space. I really enjoyed the idea of this map but the bases ruined this map for me.  Worth a short look but not much else.
Maya MOS 250x250 8 8 2 2
Maya is a large eight player map in an urban setting.  This map has all the potential in the world but lacks everything that makes a map playable.  I really enjoy the layout of this map, there is a nice supply of oil, nice even bases and an overall great layout.  There is however, no texture use on this map.  Your units try to climb the side of mountains even though there is a ramp just inches away.  I had a hard time getting units to go where I needed them to and there were many sticky areas.  With a retexturing this could be one of the best maps yet but in its current state it is hardly worth the frustration.
Mortiforus RAX 128x128 4 8 8 8
Mortiforus is a large four player map in a desert setting.  This map is great!  The bases are well thought out the hills are all properly textured, and there is a ton of oil available.  The only negative thing i can say is that I wish the base texture wasn't that brush which slows down hovers.  This map is a lot of fun and plays very well.  In some areas you may need to watch your tanks as there are some tight squeezes and narrow corridors.  I really like this map and recommend that you check it out.
 OCTOSLICK  Slick 200x200 8 6 5 6
Octoslick is a large eight player map in a desert setting.  Again I am gonna beg that the brush no longer be everyone's choice of base texture - IT IS TOO SLOW. No offense Slick It had to be said somewhere.  I like the setup of this map and there is a decent supply of oil, it is unusual as the bases are not in a uniform pattern around the map they are sorta scattered.  I didn't notice any areas where units got stuck and the bases were all similar and were well designed.  All in All I enjoyed this map and would really like it if not for the base texture.
Pass Assault io 40x100 2 5 6 4
Pass assault is a medium sized two player map in a mountain setting.  This map is pretty basic as two player maps go and there is a limited number of oil resources.  The bases seem to be similar and the tiles on this map are pretty well placed, this is a good looking map.  The map plays well and I found no places where units had any problems navigating.  All in all this is not a bad map but the lack of oil is somewhat disappointing.
Ponts Fr6 250x250 8 7 7 7
Pont's is a very large eight player map in a desert setting.  This map is well thought out and very well put together.  I like the layout which places four bases on either side of the map which is different from many maps out thus far.  The bases are even and well thought out.  I like the design of the bases and there is plenty of oil to build a lot of units.  My biggest problem with this map is that my PII-333 with 80megs of RAM (no not the fastest but OK) slows way down a little bit into the game.  Overall this is a very fun map and I will definitely give this one another chance.
Pyramid Lake io 60x80 2 4 5 4
Pyramid lake is a small two player map in a desert setting.  This map has an interesting design and is fairly well set.  I enjoy the way the map is the same on each end but each side is totally different.  There is hardly any oil on this map which makes it a total rush game and any extensive building is not going to be very easy.  The bases on this map are very similar and I see no advantage to either base.  All in all this is a fine rush map but anything more than that is unlikely.
River Plus Ed Turner 190x190 4 5 7 6
River plus is a large four player map in a mountain setting.  This is a big map with a good layout.  I enjoy the mountain design that slows attacking forces and the bases seem even and offer no advantages by selecting a certain base.  There is a little oil about but it seems to be a bit spread out for the size of the map.  I like the idea and there were no noticeable areas where units became confused or stuck.  I would recommend this map for a look but the lack of oil does not help.  Take a look.
Rush Top Loot 40x40 4 1 1 1
Rush top a small four player map in a high mountain setting.  First of all if you send a map with ANY oil that cannot be built on you and I are wasting our respective time and I am wasting my web space.  Look please everyone look at this map and don't do this.  Idea is fine and I would never disparage anyone for their idea that I don't go for but one play test and it would have been easy to fix.  Won't kill anyone to take a look, might save me time later on.  I am sure that at 10WPM I spent more time on this map than the designer did.
SandLand Brick 100x100 4 4 5 3
Sandland is a med sized four player map in a desert setting.  This map has many things going for it including plenty of oil, nice layout and a nice size for a four player map.  This map also has some big drawbacks.  The bases are all different which is a fine idea but they are poorly designed.  One base is on a hill that is almost impossible to climb into, one base is an island which in skirmish eliminates the computer opponent placed there.  The center of this map gets a little hard to navigate and some units get a little slowed down but this is not a large issue.  All in all this isn't a bad map but could have been much better.
No Pic
The Big one Armegedon 250x250 8 6 7 7
The Big one is a large eight player map in an urban setting.  This map is large and has a nice supply of oil right in your base.  I enjoy starting out quickly and this map is perfect for it.  Each base is similar and well designed and there were no obvious advantages to any of the bases.  There were no obvious flaws in the design of this map and units move very well with the exception of some really strange paths from base to base.  The units all seem to follow a basic path that is invisible and is a little annoying to say the least, but I think that this is due to the size of the map.  Overall I enjoyed this map and once you get used to the paths the units take it is pretty fun.  Definitely worth a look.
Badlands WF_Bronco 100x140 8 59kb 05/03/2003  
Eight player map with lots of hidden valleys and passageways. Tired of the same old Team War clone maps give this one a try. You will need to be able to micro manage your troops to win . Numerous ways to attack the enemy so be on your guard for a sneak attack. Plenty of oil in your base so you can work on building your army and defences.
no pic
Work Matt K77 64x64 4      
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